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Innovative ability and creativity are today cruical for economic success in global competition. This, however, requires a responsible and professional handling of knowledge.
A key aspect in knowledge management is the protection of knowlege by intellectual property (IP) rights. They enable to monopolize knowledge of new technologies, innovations, and market opportunities for a period of time and thus exclusive use of it.

The continuous rise of applications indicates that companies are increasingly aware of the value of IP rights and their promising scope of use. Patents are recognized as self-contained immaterial assets that are also suitable for active use in trade, marketing and speculation. Whether as "currency of knowledge", means of production or marketing tool, patents, trademarks and copyrights are tangent to nearly every department.

Thus, active creativity and innovation management from the strategic down to the operational level is more than ever of vital importance to achieve sustained success. Only its integrated and successful implementation enables substantiated decisions about protection and licensing of technology. Key activities like identifying, planning, controlling and assessing of inventive activities determine the long-term future of a company.

We have been already engaged in the development of professional IT solutions for efficient IP management for more than twenty years. Our IP Management suite PatOrg leverages activities and facilitates the automation of processes. The versatile modules of PatOrg with their sophisticated features make PatOrg a universal and easy-to-use software solution that is suitable for law firms, patent departments and research facilities.

Protect your success with PatOrg!