Time recording

Time - the most valuable resource

PatOrg time recording helps you to measure and manage work time efficiently.

An easy-to-use virtual stopwatch lets you exactly log the the hours, minutes and seconds you spend for works like prior art searches or consultation.
After recording time spans can be commented and accurately specified by a free-definable activity type that describes attributes such as the respective invoice item line.
Moreover, time projects are provided for grouping activities, which belong together.
For billing, rates and fees are free to define in terms of project, activity type and user and may be overridden if neccessary for special tasks.

PatOrg time recording also supports teamwork through adding workloads of diffent users to one project.

To monitor and analyse working time consumption PatOrg time recording offers various reports. Either in charts or diagrams work distribution can be easily evaluated by different criteria such as persons, categories, projects and other attributes.

PatOrg time recording integrates seamlessly with all modules of the PatOrg Suite. This enables to assign single activities and projects to cases and persons that in turn specify regulations for accounting including individual fees and rates. In addition, the integration provides use of time records in PatOrg's activity recording in order to facilitate and automate invoice generation.