Intellectual property assets shape up as key ressource of the future. Hence, great value has to be attached to its management since only adept identification, save protection and smart exploitation turn brilliant ideas into long-term economic success.

Therefore, the PatOrg Suite offers you a robust and most flexible foundation. No matter whether law firm, patent department or research institution: With the versatile modules of the PatOrg Suite we supply the building blocks for tailored IT solutions in the area of IP. The PatOrg Suite is a professional software solution designed for handling many aspects of IP management. Its six modules IP Management, IP Management Viewer, Financial accounting, Invention reporting, Time recording and IP Information are able to support nearly every task, service and process associated with patents, marks and copyrights - reaching beyond office boundaries.

Based on Microsoft's .NET technology the PatOrg IP Suite is built on a reliable and forward-looking foundation. It conception as Smart Client offers powerful capabilities und flexibility as well as the advantanges of browser-based solutions.

* System requirements PatOrg 6.0