PATExpert: Visualization of patent families

PATExpert presents some initial impressive results. On the most recent project conference in April this year the researchers of the University of Stuttgart presented innovative design concepts for interactive visualization of patent families. The visualization techniques have already been implemented in a prototype and can be tested in practice, for instance, an illustration for patent families in a time/country diagram.

Time is formed by the x-axis and on the y-axis the respective countries are listed. Every document is represented by a dot in the diagram. The following screenshots exemplify the graphic representation related to the patent family of the patent EP0009362 according to the Inpadoc family definition based on the data provided by the Open Patent Services of the European Patent Office.

Blue dots stand for the priorities of the family. If available, the priority relations become visualized through vectored arrows by hovering over a dot with the cursor of your mouse. A detailed illustration of a specific country is available by double-clicking the related country code on the y-axis, which also reveals the related number for the documents. The picture above shows the corresponding representation of the US patent documents of that family.