Both inventors and patent department benefit from PatOrg Invention Reporting!

PatOrg invention reporting upgrades PatOrg IP Management with sophisticated idea and invention management.

Effective reporting through suitable forms

Inventions differ in respect of many characteristics and therefore can't be handled in the same way. Thus PatOrg invention reporting makes it possible to create special input forms in regard to subject area, department and other parameters. This provides concise forms that comprise only those fields making sense for the respective idea or invention.

Freely designable form/screen layout

All usual screen components can be used for layouting like, for example, textboxes, combo boxes and labels. This enables for instance, the definiton of question lists. To facilitate answering for inventors it is possible to define restrictions for input fields or fill input fields like listboxes with predefined values.

Assistance and guidance in reporting

To assist and guide inventors in completion of a form PatOrg invention reporting provides to attach information to input fields like instructions or texts of law. Thereby inventors benefit from easy reporting and at the same time the patent department is released of time consuming consulting activities.

Integration in the PatOrg Suite

PatOrg invention reporting is seamlessly integrated in the PatOrg Suite. Thus PatOrg's document management enables to access easily all documents concerning an idea or invention. The PatOrg communication system offers to send and receive messages e.g. to discuss or inform about new inventions or ideas. The integration also makes it possible to use inventions data for detailed analysis and assessment through PatOrg's IP Information module.
PatOrg Workflows leverages automation of actions following invention reporting such as calculation of rewards and generation of letters or e-mails.