IP Intelligence is a professional solution that offers a shared virtual platform to jointly analyse and assess intellectual property assets.
It facilitates specialists at different sites connecting ad hoc to expert teams and conveniently communicate with each other. An easy-to-use calender makes it up a unique strategic instrument that also supports the planning and coordination of actions.
Data sources. PatOrg IP Intelligence provides interfaces to both public and commercial data providers.

Alerts and notifications. Sophisticated scanning and alerting services enables periodical surveillance of available data sources and triggering of PatOrg workflows. This allows e.g. for automatic generation and distribution of notifications.

Analysis. IP Intelligence offers a great variety of statistic analysis in order to e.g. evaluate and understand trends in the development of technologies or trace competitiors' application activies. To ease the interpretation and assessment analysis, results can be visualized by various diagrams and charts and exported to Microsoft Excel.

Classification and commenting. Free-definable folder hierarchies provide efficient categorisation and clustering of IP documents. To process even a huge amount of information content filters facilitate rule-based assignment of documents to folders.

IP assessment. IP Intelligence enables portfolio-analysis based on highly configurable assessment profiles for qualitative and monetary investigations. To analyse performance over time any assessments can be stored.
It is possible to use statistical factors in formulas like the average patent duration of a specific patent class (as far as the available data allows for such calculations).
Many diagrams and charts are provided to illustrate analysis results.

Integration. As every module IP Intelligence is seamlessly integrated in the PatOrg Suite. This offers many advantages like, for example, easy definition of patent surveillances directly from cases or access to licence agreements during portfolio-analysis.