In many cases a number of technical and strategic aspects need to be taken into account when it comes to decision-making in the field of intellectual property. Furthermore, estimations of the present and future market situation play a significant role, for instance, when it must be clarified whether an invention shall be registered or not.

Thus, close collaboration among several departments and special fields is recommended particularly in the case of decisions for securing know-how as some critical decisions are irreversible in retrospect. PatOrg IP Decision Management is an internet-based software solution for supporting decision-making in the field of intellectual property from the strategic up to the operative level.

It enables to systemize decision-making processes in a simple and efficient manner on the basis of four fundamental concepts.
The decision objects form the units (consisting of inventions and intellectual property rights) for which decisions as a whole have to be made. The integrated knowledge base provides a detailed presentation of all decision processes.

Furthermore, the scoring-system of the IP Decision Management function enables to define and perform evaluations in various ways. On the basis of decision documents decisions as such can ultimately be described and documented along with potential options for actions.