PatOrg Viewer upgrades the PatOrg Suite to an internet-based collaboration system that enables communication beyond the traditional framework of departments and offices, secure information sharing, and a work style independent of time and place. Only an internet browser is needed to connect to your PatOrg network.
For power users we offer the PatOrg Viewer Client to get online. It provides you with exceptional ease of use, additional features and fulfils even strongest safety requirements.

Web-based data deployment. PatOrg Viewer delivers PatOrg data cost-effectively to the fingertips of users inside or outside your organisation. The sophisticated authority system lets you individually adapt and restrict data access, e.g. for clients, departments, law firms or inventors.

Integration and automation. PatOrg Viewer opens new possibilies for IP-collaboration. You and your clients and partners benefit from one electronic platform for IP matters. This enables a continuous process support for activities like applications or renewals.

External hosting. Alternatively, you can use our servers for PatOrg Viewer. In this case, your data will be periodically replicated to our servers. Thus, no webserver is needed in your organisation.

Access via SmartClient or internet browser. By use of an internet-browser PatOrg data is accessible from anywhere regardless of operating system.
To fullfil further requirements for power users we offer the PatOrg Viewer Client that provides exceptional ease of use, performance and additional features. Its installation on disk-drive or USB-Stick is easily done by just one click.