Let PatOrg drive your IP organization and intelligently manage all kinds of IP rights including related general matters over the entire lifecycle with one integrated solution.

Unified Case Management

Free from rigid structures! IP Matters are characterized by a multiplicity of aspects and may be very specific in nature. For efficient handling of inventions, patents, trademarks, contracts, oppositions and other, PatOrg offers one flexible case management featuring custom fields facilitating the management of all kind of cases in a uniformed manner, while simultaneously showing most relevant case data in one view.

Personal Data Management

The great flexibility provided for the definition of case forms is also available for personal data forms to store all types of persons and institutions, e.g. clients, cost centers, communicating lawyers, inventors, authorities and contact addresses. Thus special input masks can be created for each type of person or institution. Likewise it is possible to arrange personal data records individually with predefined or custom fields.
The personal data management is featured in three levels: main addresses, address variants and contact persons. Structuring data in these levels enables to conveniently integrate and link together different persons and adresses belonging to one organisation.

Term Management

Annotation and listing of due dates following highly definable rules. These dates can be filtered and sorted by its attributes and schedule-related data. Search results are presented in customizable lists.
Term management also provides logging of all listings, changes and cancellations of dates as well as the execution of workflow tasks directly from the term listing.

Renewal Reminder System and Payments

Automatic identification and updating of tax dates based on tax rules which are accessible and modifiable for the user. For rules definition it is possible to refer to case data and data stored about countries and agreements.
Patent attorneys find a variety of options for a flexible composition of highly automated processes; the data content and design of tax decision lists and payment order lists for industry patent departments can be adapted to any individual requirements.
Interfaces are offered for data exchange with fee-paying services such as CPA, Dennemeyer and Pavis.

Document Management

CMISDesigned as an open system PatOrg complies with CMIS standard. Just plug in any DMS of your choice having a CMIS interface such as Microsoft Sharepoint, SAP DMS, Documentum, Alfresco or Agorum, get full text search and archive your documents revision-proof with ease. It works even with several DMS in parallel!
PatOrg provides to manage all kind of documents including emails and media files. Each document can be assigned to related case, person and due date records. Favorites tagging facilitate quick access to documents you are currently working on.

Cost recording

The cost recording is done in an optimized way by general or user definable forms. Service fees will be put into accounts automatically either individually or as a group. For instance, it is possible to generate period-related accounts (common in the USA).
IP Information can be valuable upgraded with PatTime for time recording.

Document/E-Mail Generation

Microsoft Word and Outlook Maximize your productivity of document output! PatOrg is very strong in automatic document as well as invoice generation. Instead of simple RTF files, PatOrg offers to create nicely layouted Word/docx and Outlook/msg files or even e-mails including attachments in one step.
Complex templates for Microsoft Word, Outlook and PDF documents can be defined with ease only using Word or Outlook and leveraging PatOrg Commands. There is no need to have any previous knowledge of SQL or VBA in this respect. PatOrg is also capable to fill-out Word and PDF forms as e.g. for reporting IDS.


This function is best suited for generating of single and collective invoices as well as period accountings. Sophisticated invoice construction rules facilitate invoice types for different services and clients. Thus, it is possible to individually design invoice layout and flexibly handle invoice position. Automatic transfers of services and incoming invoices into sales invoices.
There is also a wide range of options and aids available for the compilation of accounts which can be combined with each other when needed: the options range from the simple manual compilation to the fully automatic composition of accounts. For instance, sample data installations are provided to enable fully automatic accounts of IR-mark registrations as well as IR-mark-renewals.


The powerful text generation features of PatOrg also enables automatic filling of form documents either in PDF or MS-Word format. Included in the delivery are fill specifications for approx. 50 forms of the most important patent offices in the world.
Interfaces to Epoline (European Patent Office) and to Patras (German Patent Office) are available for the electronic transmission of forms.
The notices of receipt are automatically stored in PatOrg's document management and can be easily accessed via the case.


Flexible generation of reports in Microsoft Word. Manifold functions offer a wide scope of design. Nearly no limits are set to reports format. Even complex reports with images or nested tables are possible without need for any additional software of third-party suppliers.


PatOrg Workflows leverage the unique features of the PatOrg Suite to complete end-to-end process automation solutions. This offers huge opportuities to increase performance and quality, for example, by automating tasks like letter and invoices generation, form filling (PDF or Epoline), listing of appointments and terms, storage of cost records and the booking of payments.
Starting workflows or certain parts of workflows is possible either manually or automatically by combining workflows with freely definable events such as saving or filling out a data field.

Powerful search

Nothing remains hidden with PatOrg's comprehensive possibilities for searching. Any field is searchable including custom fields. Boolean functions are supported for combining search criteria to also enable more complex searches. Since case and person management in particular comprise many data fields, PatOrg tailors search screens via Drag & Drop containing only the most relevant search fields (even with predefined search criteria) for the respective matter and/or user. If necessary, additional search fields can be added at any time. With just one click PatOrg can switch to another search screen.
One of PatOrg’s most powerful features is integrated search, which combines search criteria from several dependent entities such as case data and due dates. Intertwined inquiries such as the following can easily be made:
  • Find documents which exist for patents whose application date lies between 04/23/2013 and 05/01/2013
  • Find cases which exist for fixed dates that have to be completed next week
  • Find persons data that is only linked with closed cases
PatOrg is also equipped with broad search options for searching data in all kinds of fields. A proximity search option is available so that PatOrg can find data records even if the search criteria does not completely match with managed data, which is particularly helpful when searching for patent numbers.

Archive Data Management

The data from the current data stock can be transferred in a convenient manner into the archive and can also be fetched back if required. The available technical options for searching archived data are the same as those of the current database.

CTI support

PatOrg also eases phoning by its sophisticated TAPI interface which provides integration of CTI applications. With simply one click on a phone number it is possible to start a phone call to the respective person.
Beyond PatOrg Workflows are featured with CTI support to automatically start customized actions when receiving or finishing a phone call such as the opening of related cases or the creation of service records.

Inventor Remuneration

PatOrg enables fair and transparent inventors' compensations by customizable calculation models in complience with German Inventors' Compensation Law. Many financial factors like turnover, revenue, flat sums, income from licenses and estimated sums are at hand to justly calculate inventor's bonus. The definition of budgets per inventor or invention provides restriction of expenses to certain limits.
To ease invention's management, different inventions can be combined to invention complexes. PatOrg Workflows are sensitive to events such as foreign applications or renewals which allow automating recalculation if required or the execution of other actions like letter/e-mail generation.
Any document of remuneration, created or received, will be stored by PatOrg's document management. This makes those documents easily accessible from related inventions, patent cases or persons.

Management of Revenues and Costs

Activites concerning the management of revenues and costs are matter of routine in daily work. Therefore, support by elaborated software just in this scope offers great possibilities for improvement of efficiency and quality.
To facilitate entering of costs and revenues input forms can be freely designed and (partly) filled with default values. Thereby, ratios defined in related cases are incorporated to automatically split between cost centres if necessary.
Embedding of input tasks in PatOrg Workflows offers to start automatically actions hereupon such as accountings or the generation of letters, e-mails or reports in Microsoft Word with use of received data.
Accrued revenues and costs can be summed up for cases or persons/organisations. As and when required sums are thereby categorized by its attributes such as accounting type, period or nature of fee. Customizable lists and reports enhance the analyis capabilities for deeper insight.
PatOrg is featured with an import interface to conveniently handle invoice receipts from renewal services. Export is also supported. For fee payments to patent offices or further internal calculation an SAP interface is provided.